How It Works

How It Works

Baron Boutique is a custom tailor boutique for men and women. Each garment is custom-made to your specification. Start by browsing product category for men, women or movie replica from your devices.

women men category

When you are ready select the product you like. You have the option to customize the garment to your needs or add to cart without any style modification.

women view page

Adding a product takes you to cart page from where you can add your measurements by clicking on Add Measurement tab.

showing add measurement tab

A modal box pops up with options, choose the option that is appropriate for you. If you are adding new measurement please click on Add Measurement button. If you want to use previously stored measurement in your account please log in.

select measurement box

Measurement can be from your body or you can select from our pre-defined sizes.

select measurement type

Give your measurement a profile name for future use, example: My long sleeve shirt measurements. Measurement page has a comment box where you can mention special instruction or anything else you’d like our tailors to know.

give your measurement a profile name

You can check out as a guest or create an account with us. Creating an account saves your measurements as well as order details.

guest checkout or register

Once order details are received our team of master tailors will carefully analyze your measurements and cross-reference it with other similar measurements stored in our database collected over 17 years period to draft custom pattern. Based on the pattern we create a fitting try-on garment exclusively for you.

pattern drafting

Your fitting garment will arrive within 18 to 21 business days after your purchase. It is for fitting purpose and yours to keep. You do not have to return it. While trying the try-on please ensure it is placed correctly on your body. Have a friend take pictures, front, rear and two side views. Email the pictures to us along with your comments and desire changes. We will implement those changes in your final garment.

how it works try-on fitting images

women try-on fitting images

Our team of master tailors will carefully analyze your fitting images and feedback and make specific adjustments to perfect your fit.

Your final garment with full adjustment will arrive within 18 to 21 business days after we receive your try-on feedback. It should fit like you have wished.


If your final garment needs minor alteration, we will reimburse the cost of alterations done with your local tailor as well. All garments are made with additional seam allowances for alteration. Visit alteration page for more details.

We will then update your pattern with all of those changes so your next order(s) will consistently arrive spot-on.

If you have any questions about our products, services or how we work, feel free to contact us anytime.


Sincerely yours,

Raj Bista
Below are some fitting pictures from our customers:
3pcs tail suit fitting images

7th doctor jacket fitting images

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10th doctor suit fitting images

matrix coat fitting images

count dooku fitting images

13th doctor pants fitting images

mens blazer fitting images

mens 13th doctor pants fitting images

mens double breasted blazer fitting images

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