Coats & Overcoats

  1. Pirate coat in black velvet front view

    Pirate Coat

    USD 359.00

    Selected pirate coat made in rich velvet for unique pirate style. Use this pirate coat as a band coat or motley coat, or even as a wedding reception coat. It is above knee-length pirate coat that honors history. Pirate coat is for the swashbucklers and it is a perfect coat to compliment your pirate wardrobe. Learn More
  2. College pea coat for men

    College Pea Coat

    USD 219.00

    Elevate your look with this cool college pea coat for men. Well fitted double breasted pea coat is a must have to maintain that college guy style you want to represent. Standout from the college crowd effortlessly and nail the vibe right on the head with this pea coat. Learn More
  3. Men's car coat

    Men's Car Coat In Wool

    USD 299.00

    Single breasted men's car coat for a cozy ensemble. When it comes to enjoying a night out on the town this wool car coat is men's fashionable outwear to spice up the casual style. Learn More
  4. 12th Doctor Who Series 9 Coat

    12th Doctor Who Series 9 Coat

    USD 299.00

    There is no time quite like present to add another Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor Who series 9 coat to your wardrobe. Heavier than traditional wool, this 12th Doctor coat in Melton wool will get you plenty of wear for many years. With hand stitched canvas interline the 12th Doctor coat is design to stand cold weather. Learn More
  5. 12th doctor wool crombie coat

    12th Doctor’s Wool Crombie Coat

    USD 299.00

    Trend setting 12th Doctor's wool coat with red lining in crombie length. Regardless of his ruthless exterior the Doctor was very caring and always striving to help others for the sake of being kind. This coat is for someone who is striving for such a hard look. Learn More
  6. 12th Doctor coat in velvet

    12th Doctor Coat In Velvet

    USD 399.00

    Tap into 12th Doctor coat in velvet. Make sure to have the day you wanted with this burgundy red velvet coat. Perfect choice among 12th Doctor cosplayers to stand out in the crowd. Learn More
  7. Men's cubana coat image1

    Men's Cubana Coat

    USD 319.00

    Men's cubana coat is a must have addition to work wear for its sophistication and versatility. This is the coat for men who wish to have an instant splash of style but still manages to portray a well dressed man. Learn More
  8. 12th doctor who navy velvet coat image1

    12th Doctor Navy Velvet Coat

    USD 399.00

    The thrill of being 12th Doctor is a great way of self expression. Step outside your everyday life and identity for a little while in this Peter Capaldi navy velvet coat. Learn More
  9. men's frock coat

    Western Frock Coat

    USD 319.00

    Men's western frock coat in tailor made single breasted style with non closure front reflecting vintage taste. Show your best characteristics in this western frock coat with high quality and lasting value. Men's affordable western frock coat for daytime and evening formal wear to weddings or garden parties. Learn More
  10. quantum of solace peacoat image1

    James Bond Quantum of Solace Pea coat

    USD 399.00

    James Bond is something to aspire to and part of that aspiration is perpetually sharp dressed. Quantum of Solace pea coat is one of Baron's favorite pea coat for men of any age or body type. Learn More
  11. 11th doctor green coat image1

    11th Doctor Green Coat

    USD 329.00

    11th Doctor green coat worn by Matt Smith is a perfect coat to complete your Doctor cosplay collection. Double breasted, hand constructed below knee-length Doctor coat makes it a superior outfit for almost any occasion. Learn More
  12. joker coat in leather image1

    Joker Coat in Leather

    USD 629.00

    Hand made Joker Coat from The Dark Knight. This Joker coat in leather is very stylish and beautifully made. The coat is exactly what you have wished for. Great designs and practical features with cool look. Learn More


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