Coats & Overcoats

  1. mens black wool topcoat image1

    All Purpose Black Topcoat

    USD 399.00

    Nothing is more refined than a black wool topcoat with black velvet collar. It’s classic looks are appropriate for almost every occasion or trip. Learn More
  2. mens melton wool camel topcoat image1

    Camel Topcoat In Melton Wool

    USD 399.00

    Sophisticated camel topcoat in English Melton wool is versatile enough to add a sense of refinement to both tailored and casual ensembles. Distinctive velvet collar and insulating properties of Melton wool is well balanced with hand stitched elegance. Learn More
  3. men's wool herringbone topcoat

    Wool Herringbone Topcoat

    USD 399.00

    Wool herringbone topcoat tailor made with higher end fabrication and detailed elements. Sharp texture of wool herringbone signals serious presence and style. It is the topcoat truly worth the investment. Learn More


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