1. 100% wool pants for all season image1

    100% Wool Pants For All Season

    USD 219.00

    When it comes to the ingredients of a great-looking pants, wool fabric rises above the rest. These are 100% wool pants for all season. Learn More
  2. Light Weight All Season Wool Flannel Pants slim fit image1

    Slim Fit All Season Wool Flannel Pants

    USD 199.00

    Well known for their weather adaptability and suitability wool flannel pants are a long standing classic. Light weight flannel makes them well prominent in modern men’s fashion. Learn More
  3. mens navy wool flannel suit pants image1

    Navy Wool Flannel Pants

    USD 199.00

    Navy Wool Flannel pants is a timeless piece of menswear. Whether formal or informal wool flannel pants is practical and versatile addition to any modern men’s clothing collection. Learn More
  4. Gray Flannel Pants

    Gray Flannel Pants

    USD 199.00

    Gray flannel pants is an actual statement pants that announces your arrival. Universally flattering gray shade of flannel pants devised out of the components of sharp men’s tailoring ready to make you look good. Learn More
  5. Gray pinstripe pants

    Gray Pinstripe Pants

    USD 199.00

    Boldness of stripes in this mens classic gray pinstripe pants is truly an architectural tailoring. Nice feel to the fabric and just right in the cut, not too skinny in the legs but not too loose either. Very comfortable to wear. Learn More
  6. linen pants for men's wedding image1

    Men's Linen Pants For Beach Wedding

    USD 179.00

    A staple for sunny getaways, a breezy and relaxed cut men's linen pants for beach wedding. Keeps you cool in lightweight linen. Customization options allows you to convert wedding pants to dress pants. Learn More
  7. mens dress pants in petrol blue sharkskin image1

    Dress Pants In Sharkskin

    USD 199.00

    When you want versatility and reliable comfort in a dress pants, sharkskin slim-fit flat front pants is the answer. Learn More
  8. mens gray pure new wool suit pants image1

    Pure New Wool Gray Pants

    USD 219.00

    Pure new wool is the fabric that is refined yet durable enough for daily wear with a weight that works for all seasons. Grey being the most neutral of colors it offers versatile options for color coordination that matches with pretty much any color you pair with. Learn More
  9. mens navy wool tuxedo pants image1

    Navy Wool Tuxedo Pants

    USD 219.00

    For Men who like to be a sharp dresser in formal occasions. Learn More
  10. mens navy herringbone wool tuxedo pants image1

    Navy Herringbone Wool Tuxedo Pants

    USD 219.00

    Sharpen your look with this herringbone tuxedo pants. Learn More
  11. mens navy chalk stripes wool suit pant image1

    Navy Chalk Stripe Wool Pants

    USD 199.00

    These chalk stripe wool pants are carefully constructed from year-round light weight pure wool cloths for refined yet effortless look for any occasion. Learn More
  12. mens pure new wool wedding pants image1

    Summer and Winter Wool Wedding Pants

    USD 219.00

    Stand out from the crowd in our summer and winter wool wedding pants. Ultimate in confident and timeless in style. True quality of a finest wool in 160's count. Learn More


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