Suits & Blazers

  1. Men's silk suit in Dupioni silk

    Mens Silk Suit

    USD 459.00

    Develop an eye for mens silk suit in dupioni silk. Wear something beyond business professional and be presentable in your daily life with our long lasting quality silk suit. Putting forth the effort to put on a proper silk suit and looking properly presentable makes us feel much better. Create a wardrobe with our custom made dupioni silk suit that will not only look amazing but will also stand the test of time. Learn More
  2. Pink blazer men

    Pink Blazer Mens

    USD 329.00

    Pink blazer mens help create depth and interest. Tailored from luxurious worsted wool and decorated in a subtle pink melange. Add perfect contrast to your look with this pink blazer for men. Learn More
  3. Mens navy blue blazer

    Mens Navy Blue Blazer

    USD 299.00

    Mens navy blue blazer fits in all occasions regardless of job description. Navy blue blazer is a great way to make any outfit for men look more formal as long as it is fitted properly to your body type. Customize this mens navy blue blazer with gold buttons and turn it into wardrobe workhorse. Learn More
  4. custom dinner jacket in houndstooth

    Custom Dinner Jacket

    USD 299.00

    Feel your inner 007 in this custom dinner jacket tailored in Houndstooth textured wool. Custom made stylish dinner jacket with proper fit to your body type is what defines individual look. Tailored dinner jacket with soft construction and sleek silk satin peak lapels is the rule to develop a strong personal style that carries cool look with confidence. Learn More
  5. Men's Unstructured Cotton Suit

    Unstructured Cotton Suit

    USD 329.00

    A classic men's cotton suit in unstructured construction that wears beautifully. Hand tailored suit in pre-washed cotton fabric holds the shape and color well no matter what the occasion is. Learn More
  6. 100% wool suit for all season image1

    100% Wool Suit For All Season

    USD 699.00

    A 100% wool suit is effortlessly comfortable to wear, staying warm at chilly times of the year and breathable when temperatures rise. 100% wool suit works in all season. Learn More
  7. sharkskin wedding suit image1

    Sharkskin Wedding Suit

    USD 499.00

    Stand out from the crowd in one of our wedding suits. Ultimate in confident and timeless in style. Learn More
  8. mens navy chalk stripe wool suit image1

    Navy Chalk Stripe Wool Suit

    USD 499.00

    For refined yet effortless look for any occasion. Learn More
  9. mens navy wool flannel suit image1

    Navy Wool Flannel Suit

    USD 399.00

    Every man should have wool flannel suits in his wardrobe. Start with a simple solid navy wool flannel suit with perfect sleeve length jacket and notch lapel front. Learn More
  10. navy herringbone wool tuxedo image1

    Navy Herringbone Wool Tuxedo

    USD 599.00

    Navy herringbone wool tuxedo crafted for the modern gentleman with its sharp herringbone fabric pattern. Effortless look for any occasion that calls for a wool tuxedo. Learn More
  11. mens gray wool suit in tropical wool image1

    Gray Tropical Wool Suit

    USD 429.00

    Tropical wool suit in gray bold is perfect for any occasion with its contemporary design and styling. Learn More
  12. mens navy wool tuxedo image1

    Navy Wool Tuxedo

    USD 499.00

    Even though we live in an era that favors the casual, it is always safe to have a proper kit as a back up. Learn More


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