1. one button black tie merino wool tuxedo image1

    One Button Wool Tuxedo

    USD 599.00

    A symbol of our dedication. An impeccably tailored elegant one button tuxedo in merino wool for a luxurious drape. Learn More
  2. all season wool flannel suit tuxedo image1

    Light Weight All Season Wool Flannel Tuxedo Suit

    USD 599.00

    Lighter than traditional flannel with a nice soft hand. Lightweight gauge makes it an ideal suit for all season. Learn More
  3. essential black mohair wool tuxedo 2 button image1

    Essential Black Mohair Wool Tuxedo

    USD 499.00

    A timeless mohair wool tuxedo designed to strike the perfect balance. Make your appearance at black tie and formal events with this two-button mohair wool tuxedo. Learn More
  4. houndstooth stylish dinner jacket image1

    Stylish Dinner Jacket

    USD 299.00

    Houndstooth-textured wool elevates a stylish dinner jacket framed with sleek silk satin peak lapels for a fashionable front. Learn More
  5. navy herringbone wool tuxedo image1

    Navy Herringbone Wool Tuxedo

    USD 599.00

    Navy herringbone wool tuxedo crafted for the modern gentleman with its sharp herringbone fabric pattern. Effortless look for any occasion that calls for a wool tuxedo. Learn More
  6. mens navy wool tuxedo image1

    Navy Wool Tuxedo

    USD 499.00

    Even though we live in an era that favors the casual, it is always safe to have a proper kit as a back up. Learn More


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