Wedding Suits

  1. Pirate coat in black velvet front view

    Pirate Coat

    USD 359.00

    Selected pirate coat made in rich velvet for unique pirate style. Use this pirate coat as a band coat or motley coat, or even as a wedding reception coat. It is above knee-length pirate coat that honors history. Pirate coat is for the swashbucklers and it is a perfect coat to compliment your pirate wardrobe. Learn More
  2. Single breasted one button notch lapel custom made wool tuxedo

    One Button Notch Lapel Tuxedo

    USD 599.00

    Put together a custom look for any occasion where you need a best tuxedo. Single breasted one button tuxedo with double vents back and notch lapel gives you the most appealing custom-made tuxedo style. While style is more about yourself men's single breasted tuxedo has its own style. Silk satin notch lapel gives the tuxedo its richness and makes you feel sharp and trendy. Available in five different colors to choose from. Learn More
  3. all season wool flannel suit tuxedo image1

    Light Weight All Season Wool Flannel Tuxedo Suit

    USD 599.00

    Lighter than traditional flannel with a nice soft hand. Lightweight gauge makes it an ideal suit for all season. Learn More
  4. black mohair wool tuxedo

    Black Mohair Wool Tuxedo

    USD 499.00

    A timeless mohair wool tuxedo designed to strike the perfect balance. Make your appearance at black tie and formal events with this two-button mohair wool tuxedo. Learn More
  5. grooms linen suit for wedding image1

    Grooms Linen Suit

    USD 499.00

    You will find our grooms linen suit are more comfortable and exquisite. You've got to stand out as the man but also got to look like yourself and comfortable on such an auspicious day. Learn More
  6. wedding party linen suit image1

    Wedding Party Linen Suit

    USD 499.00

    Let him make certain decisions himself – don’t be too set in your ways about what you want him to wear for the wedding party… It’s his wedding, too! With respect to looks our wedding party linen suit is a perfect choice. Learn More
  7. sharkskin wedding suit image1

    Sharkskin Wedding Suit

    USD 499.00

    Stand out from the crowd in one of our wedding suits. Ultimate in confident and timeless in style. Learn More
  8. navy herringbone wool tuxedo image1

    Navy Herringbone Wool Tuxedo

    USD 599.00

    Navy herringbone wool tuxedo crafted for the modern gentleman with its sharp herringbone fabric pattern. Effortless look for any occasion that calls for a wool tuxedo. Learn More
  9. linen suits for men image1

    Linen Suits for Men

    USD 399.00

    Linen suits for men are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen suits serve as the perfect warm weather alternative for both work and play. Both light and dark color linen suits are great outfit to accompany the seasonal cheer and relaxed atmosphere of a typical outdoor weddings. Learn More
  10. Destination wedding suit

    Destination Wedding Suit

    USD 998.00

    Versatility is key with destination wedding suit. Once in lifetime event try something different that will have you looking your best. Inspired from Star Wars Count Dooku this destination wedding suit promises you are looking at your peak in your big day. Black Dooku destination wedding suit is a beautiful wedding suit that makes a statement without saying too much. This is not just for a wedding. You can deconstruct this wedding suit to use it for other occasions. Learn More


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