1. 4th Doctor Who Tom Baker coat from Horror Of Fang Rock

    Fourth Doctor Baker Coat From Horror Of Fang Rock

    USD 449.00

    A timeless 4th Doctor Baker coat from Horror of Fang Rock is truly an iconic coat essential for your cosplay collection. The Fang Rock coat that will not only look amazing but will also stand the test of time. Made from Melton wool this 4th Doctor coat will get you plenty of wear for many years. Learn More
  2. 11th Doctor tuxedo jacket

    11th Doctor Tuxedo Jacket

    USD 299.00

    Double breasted off white tuxedo jacket worn by 11th Doctor Matt Smith is enhanced with silk satin shawl lapel. This 11th Doctor jacket is for memorable cosplay. Embrace your cosplayer self and continue the journey in this double breasted tuxedo jacket. Learn More
  3. Men's double breasted suit in slim fit

    Mens Double Breasted Suit

    USD 419.00

    Mens double breasted suit slim fit offers a contemporary take on classic tailoring. More wrapped-around than ever this double breasted suit in 100% wool fabric looks really polished. The slim fit of this suit will work in any office environment with extra detail such as crease-resistance makes it a reliable choice. This suit design in other available colors look just as smart. Learn More
  4. Never the sinner suit

    Never The Sinner Suit

    USD 429.00

    Indistinct 1920 style Never The Sinner suit tailored in belted model with off centered vent. A well-written play requires a well made suit. A true classic of theater today, Never The Sinner is always a winner. Learn More
  5. Destination wedding suit cape

    Black Dooku Destination Wedding Suit

    USD 998.00

    Black Dooku destination wedding suit makes sure you are looking at your peak in your big day. This destination wedding suit is a true inspiration from Star Wars Count Dooku. Learn More
  6. Fourth Doctor Frock Coat

    Fourth Doctor Frock Coat

    USD 479.00

    Our modern frock coat inspired from fourth Doctor frock coat to make a smart statement in special occasions. This Tom Baker frock coat tailored in wool is lightweight enough to keep you cool and stylish. Fourth Doctor frock coat to recapture the glory from past style that is classic in nature that kind of lives with you. Learn More
  7. linen-5-button-vest-image1

    Linen 5 Button Vest

    USD 199.00

    Our linen vest is quintessential third piece to complete your tailored suiting. Learn More
  8. gray pinstripe suit image 1

    Gray Pinstripe Suit

    USD 499.00

    Simple yet classic your go-to-suit. Good thing about gray pinstripe suit is you can wear it everyday. Great tradition in modern fit. Learn More
  9. Gray pinstripe jacket for men

    Pinstripe Jacket Men

    USD 299.00

    Our goal for this pinstripe jacket is to highlight the men who wants to wear pinstripe jacket with jeans. Bring awareness to an important issue of feeling good and comfortable by building better wardrobe. Men's pinstripe jacket offers something unique and personal. Learn More
  10. black suit for men

    Black Suit For Men

    USD 419.00

    Black suit for men with style combinations to wear in weddings. Men's wedding fashion in black suit jacket available in slim and comfortable fit for all body types. Embrace your own internal fashion by being more comfortable in our black suits for men. Learn More
  11. crimson black slim fit pants image1

    Crimson Black Slim Fit Pants

    USD 199.00

    Contemporary and stylish crimson black slim fit flat-front slacks with slanted pockets. It is tailored from a finest wool. Learn More
  12. flat front all season wool pants image 1

    All Season Wool Pants

    USD 199.00

    A clean silhouette and comfortable fit make this all season wool flat-front dress pants an instant classic. Woven in superfine all season natural stretch wool fabric to move with you. Learn More


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