Doctor Who

  1. 5th doctor red piping frock coat

    5th Doctor Red Piping Frock Coat

    USD 399.00

    Worn by 5th Doctor Peter Davison the red piping beige frock coat is stylish enough to change your appearance and personality. The doctor's fifth incarnation that conveyed both action and eccentricity. Learn More
  2. 4th doctor who 12th season corduroy coat image1

    Fourth Doctor 12th Season Corduroy Coat

    USD 279.00

    Fourth Doctor's eccentric style coats are immediate eye catcher and captivates imagination. The 12th season corduroy coat with its anti-establishment views and Bohemian appearance favors attitude of an explorer. Learn More
  3. 4th Doctor Who Tom Baker coat from Horror Of Fang Rock

    Fourth Doctor Baker Coat From Horror Of Fang Rock

    USD 449.00

    A timeless 4th Doctor Baker coat from Horror of Fang Rock is truly an iconic coat essential for your cosplay collection. The Fang Rock coat that will not only look amazing but will also stand the test of time. Made from Melton wool this 4th Doctor coat will get you plenty of wear for many years. Learn More
  4. 3rd doctor who velvet smoking jacket for cosplayers1

    Third Doctor Green Velvet Smoking Jacket

    USD 279.00

    Mimic the time lord legacy in our authentic replica of 3rd doctor green velvet smoking jacket. One of our favorite from classic Who. Learn More
  5. 2nd doctor who black coat

    2nd Doctor Who Black Coat

    USD 299.00

    The second doctor coat is unique in its own way. The coat is to be worn comfortably loose. Learn More
  6. 1st doctor black coat

    1st Doctor Who Black Coat

    USD 299.00

    The first incarnation doctor who coat custom made with accurate details. Remarkable time traveler replica for enthusiastic cosplayers. Learn More


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