Welcome to retailer's section of Baron Boutique, custom tailor boutique for suits and dresses, where retailers can customize suits and dresses according to their customer's needs. An opportunity for your customers to express themselves in their own unique personality in a variety of elegant styles and exciting color combinations.

These are excellent value products available on bespoke, made-to-measure, and pre-defined sizes.

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We offer you an ever expanding collection of super fine wool, wool cashmere blend, wool and silk blend clothes that makes a beautiful showing. Attention to detail is evident and with the wide range of colors, you'll find just what you need to make your customers look their very best everywhere.

Let us tailor your retail business.
We custom tailor your product line in accordance to your customer base.
Direct boutique sales.
Personalized customer service.
High quality fabrics from wool cashmere blends to pure and silk.
Made to measure.
Pre-defined sizes.
High quality products.
No product stocking - low cost - no risk.
Order from single item to boutique level production.
Low prices - excellent value.

Our concept is to custom tailor your preferred product style and quality in order to fit your customers. We offer you wide range of Baron Boutique products to choose from or to use us as a base for your own designs. All our products are hand cut and personalized by our experienced team of tailors. Production and production control are all done at our own factory to guarantee a regular high quality standard.

We give the retailer full flexibility to offer bespoke, made to measure, or pre-defined size products or a combination of all.

Local stores in any location world-wide with a customer base from middle to high end are potential retail partners. We custom tailor your product line according to your price, design and quality to fit your customers.

Retailers are not only our valued customers, they are also our "partners".

Projects: If you have a special project / concept talk to us. We will provide you with the best possible solutions.

Brand name: Our brand Baron Boutique are labeled on all products as standard. A retail partner can choose the option to create a new or promote his or her own existing brand name.

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