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12th Doctor Burgundy Velvet Coat For Women

12th Doctor Burgundy Velvet Coat For Women

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2018):
After already purchasing the navy velvet and being totally convinced about the quality of it, I also ordered the burgundy coat.

The coat is absolutely lovely, and fits me as the other coat perfectly. After going through the process of fitting with the navy coat, baronboutique kept my measurements and went straight to work.

When I remember correctly I ordered in beginning of September and got it like four weeks later. Maybe it was only three. So it was quickly done and I can't find any faults in the quality.

The burgundy is very crisp and a nice colour. The fabric is slightly thicker as the navy and when you look down at yourself the colour looks slightly shiny but looking into a mirror it never appears shiny. I guess it's the angle you look at it and how the light falls into it. But I know there are coats that look horrible cheap, this is not the thing here.

When I was at a convention people complimented my coat and someone who is very active with sewing and has some good knowledge of fabrics told me the fabric is super nice and good quality.

The coat has two pockets for a sonic or other belongings, and two outside pockets.

If you are looking for a good, affordable cosplay as the 12th Doctor or as casual wear, I think this is the coat your are looking for.

I love it and totally happy with my purchase!