1. 13th doctor who pants aka Jodie Whittaker pants

    13th Doctor Who Pants

    USD 179.00

    Flaunting a high-rise construction, this 13th Doctor Who pants aka Jodie Whittaker pants sit high above waist for added comfort. Comfortable fit through hips and down the leg makes it a perfect pair of 13th Doctor Who cosplay pants. With medley of ensembles you can't wait to step out in this custom made 13th Doctor Who wool pants. Learn More
  2. women's dress pants made to measure

    Women's Dress Pants Made To Measure

    USD 179.00

    Women's dress pants for workweek wardrobe. Regardless of style, it's the fit that is important. With our made to measure women's dress pants you could never go wrong. Every women need a pair of flattering and super functional dress pants that add elegance and professional flair to any outfit. Our free test pants will give you the opportunity to fine tune your fit and get rid of creases and pouches in your dress pants. Learn More
  3. women's menswear pants

    Women's Menswear Pants

    USD 199.00

    High waist women's menswear pants are stylish and comfortable for those with long torsos and also flattering and accommodating for those with long legs. These made to measure menswear pants aspire to fit women of all sizes. Boutique tailored menswear pants feature straight leg, cool and easy fit. Our famous merino wool cashmere blend ultra light fabric is known for its smooth and refined finish. You'll always be dressed. Learn More
  4. Women's tropical wool pants

    Women's Tropical Wool Pants

    USD 179.00

    A good pair of tropical wool pants feels great. Tailored tropical wool pants fits well and shows you’ve put some thought into your appearance. You will never go wrong with our tropical wool fabrics that is suitable for almost all seasons. It is versatile fabric that is wrinkle resistant. Learn More
  5. women's wool pants in fresco wool

    Women's Wool Pants In Fresco Wool

    USD 179.00

    Women's wool pants in fresco wool is a travel ready pants. Cropped wool pants ensures the perfect amount of drape and breathability. With its wrinkle resistance nature this made to measure women's fresco wool pants elongates your figure and looks super polished. Add a suit jacket to instantly dress up for an important meeting, or wear them with a blouse for a more business casual look. Learn More
  6. Merino wool pants womens

    Women's Merino Wool Pants

    USD 189.00

    Merino wool pants for women provides exceptional comfort since it is well known to regulate heat in cold and warmer climate. With natural stretch this slim leg merino wool pants looks good with a top as well as with a suit jacket. Learn More
  7. women's lined linen pants

    Women's Lined Linen Pants

    USD 179.00

    Women are more comfortable in lined linen pants. These easy wear women's lined linen pants are stylish in both warm and cooler weather. Made to measure straight fit linen pants with knee lined avoids wrinkle and are much durable. Learn More
  8. womens lined dress pants

    Womens Lined Dress Pants

    USD 179.00

    Womens lined dress pants for comfortable frame enhancing fit and natural boost of confidence. Moving beyond traditional styles these lined dress pants in mohair wool serves to help you make a splash with unique detailing. Hand cut and made to measure construction. This is a statement dress pants perfect for upgrading your tailored outfit. Delivering the latest in womens made to measure fashion. Learn More
  9. womens wool lined pants

    Womens Wool Pants

    USD 189.00

    A classic body-skimming fabrication in womens wool lined pants that fits and flatters with irresistible charm. Updated with subtle sheen and softer hand our season-less pure new wool lined pants gets a lustrous new look. You'll wear these wool pants again and again. This is a statement dress pants delivering the latest in womens made to measure fashion. Learn More
  10. women's straight leg work pants

    Women's Straight Leg Work Pants

    USD 179.00

    Women's straight leg work pants in sharkskin wool that delivers incredible comfort without sacrificing style. Tailor made for relax fit this sharkskin wool work pants is an elegant take on trend with defined waistline and straight cut leg design. Learn More
  11. women's wide leg linen pants

    Women's Wide Leg Linen Pants

    USD 179.00

    Women's wide leg classic linen pants for professionals who do a lot of running around within a workday, you need a pair of pants that can look stylish and still be able to work in comfort. It is essential to have that one perfect classic pants that you can wear to work or weekends. Tailored linen pants in wide cut leg design makes a versatile choice. Learn More
  12. velvet dress pants womens

    Velvet Dress Pants

    USD 169.00

    Stylish and practical velvet dress pants is every women's pants. These velvet dress pants are durable, stretchy, comfortable, and colorful. It's a very easy to dress up or down so velvet pants appeals for many different occasions. Zip fly with hook closure our stylish and practical velvet pants boast a mid-rise. Learn More


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