Suits & Blazers

  1. Women's wool blazer fitted

    Women's Wool Blazer

    USD 229.00

    Well fitted women's wool blazer make you feel everything is put together nicely. Capture your landmark moments with this tailored wool blazer for women. Our signature multiple interior pockets in this fitted wool blazer eliminates the need to carry a bag. Learn More
  2. Tailored womens suit

    Tailored Womens Suit

    USD 499.00

    Tailored womens suit offers great many features, functions, and benefits. Custom tailored suit for women in single breasted construction dresses right and comfortably for each season. This is also an awesome young professional tailored suit that goes well with matching pants or as separate. Learn More
  3. Women's dress suits

    Womens Dress Suits in Wool Flannel

    USD 399.00

    These dress suit for ladies proved that it is possible to empower, look beautiful, feel amazing, and be equipped for the day. If you are looking for something new and different in fashion, these womens dress suits in wool flannel aligns perfectly with your value that could fit under the category of perfect-for-every-occasion. Add side pockets in the dress and make it a wedding dress that draws praise as brides strive for empowering dress suits. Learn More
  4. womens tailored coat

    Womens Tailored Coat

    USD 399.00

    With our free test garment womens tailored coat has never been this perfect. Available in Tan, Navy, Red and other popular colors the only limit is personal taste. Being original without amplifying, perfectly fitted womens tailored coat is the result of made to measure tailoring. Learn More
  5. womens tailored velvet tuxedo jacket image1

    Tailored Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

    USD 299.00

    Richly styled velvet tuxedo jacket tailored from plush cotton velvet. This single button velvet tuxedo jacket with crepe silk trimmed peak lapels add refined contrast. With a laid back relaxed cut tailored velvet tuxedo jacket adds a sizable flash of personality. Tailored tuxedo jacket is a powerful tool for self expression and representation. Learn More
  6. Women's tailored jacket in dupioni silk

    Women's Tailored Jacket in Dupioni Silk

    USD 259.00

    Getting dressed in the morning is much easier with our tailored jacket in dupioni silk. Women's tailored jacket in high quality dupioni silk combined with elegant style makes better basics you'll want to wear everyday. Inset lapels add an extra punch to this tailored silk jacket. Learn More
  7. womens mohair wool suit image1

    Wool Mohair Suit

    USD 399.00

    Beautifully tailored two button suit from lightweight mohair wool with luxurious drape. Hand carved horn buttons add interest and elevate the look. Learn More
  8. women's fresco wool suit

    Fresco Wool Suit

    USD 379.00

    A single button closure custom wool suit in fresco wool looks just as smart with jeans or skirts as it does with trousers. Tailored from our finest 130s fresco wool. The wool fabric is very airy in the sense that you can feel any breeze. Learn More
  9. Skirt suit for weddings womens suit

    Skirt Suit For Weddings

    USD 399.00

    Skirt suit for weddings bridging the gap between pant suits and dresses. With sleek look this tailored womens skirt suit in stripes make it perfect for formal settings. Womens suits in utterly finished worsted wool is ideal for all season weddings. Learn More
  10. Women's business suit

    Business Suit In Pinstripe

    USD 499.00

    Tailored from light weight wool and cashmere blend fabric this pinstripe business suit features soft shoulders and two button high stance closure. This is the suit that conveys message of efficient business women with seriousness about the situation. Pair with lighter color blouse. Learn More
  11. Women's work suit with basic style

    Work Suit in Sharkskin Wool

    USD 399.00

    Women's work suit in sharkskin wool is a solution to the recurring problem of what to wear to the office. Feminine but not too feminine, stylish but less fashionable, this work suit can also be used for any specific moments or occasions. When dressing for work is confusing start from the most basic work suit, a single button sharkskin wool suit. Learn More
  12. Women's wedding suit in Tan

    Tan Wedding Suit For Speedy Wedding

    USD 399.00

    Be comfortable in women's wedding suits. Dresses aren't for every woman and it isn't about tradition. It is about wearing what you are comfortable in. It is a matter of finding what feels right and if that happens to be a suit for wedding, so be it. Our bridal pant suits for speedy wedding. Learn More


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